Federico Domínguez Zacur:

All CCA installation shots

Peter Sander:
All “Being Virginia” installation shots, “Thoughts and Decoration” installation shot, “Virginia Melancoia” watercolors, “Virginia as a Bather”, “Conscientious Objection”, “Omega Workshop”, “Keynes and Gesell Discussing the Gold Standard”, “Bancor”, “Virginia Kopf #4″, “Virginia and Vita”, “Else Lasker-Schüler at Café des Westens”

Sebastian Schobbert:
“Keynes Faces his Versailles”, “Strachey and Keynes at Mermaid Inn”,
“Georg Heym and Emmy Hennings”, “1914 about Middle of March”, “Mauvis Sang” installation shot, “Mme Rimbaud, Arthur and Verlaine”, “Genet and Wilhelm Leuschner – Berlin 1937″

Sebastian Treytnar:
“Susan Sontag” portrait paintings, All “On Susan Sontag” installatin Shots, “Stage Design for waiting for Godot”, “Young Reader”, “Annie at Susan‘s”, “Directing”, “1550 San Remo Drive”

WEST. Fotostudio:
All “Jackhammer & The Hole” installation shots, “Flames”, “Jostling”, Bottleneck”, “Tent”, “Contact”, “Girlfriend”, “Basement”, “Kitchen”, “Sisters”, “Forest”

Wolfgang Woessner:
“Wittgenstein und Loos in der Villa Stoneborough”, “Vis-à-vis Piero Sraffa”

Jens Ziehe:
“Junk”, “Vila Oasis”, “Oran”, “Défilé”, “YSL and his mother“, “YSL and Karl Lagerfeld”, “Bianca Jagger and YSL”, “Christian Dior”, “Medina”, “YSL – Solo”



Malcolm Bunge




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